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Extension of Kindergarten in Halenkovice

Many cities and villages are currently experiencing a shortage of capacity for placing children in schools and kindergartens. To respond increased number of applications at the end of the school year for year following, where only holiday months are available to build new facilities, is nearly impossible for many of mayors.

 In Halenkovice they solved this issue during this summer holidays with extension to the existing kindergarten. This new modular construction allowed to place another 20 children and increase the capacity of the total number to 60. The assembly itself lasted 4 weeks, site preparation about the same time, so everything has been resolved during holidays months. New school meets all prescribed standards and parents and kids are appreciating a new facility.

The providers of pre-school and school facilities have now possibilities to solve problems with placement of children, even without waiting for information whether they are funds available in the ministry's budget for next year. Construction can be financed by long-term leasing plan or a loan through our partners who have experience with financing of modular buildings.

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