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New ticket office at Rondo Arena in Brno

From time to time a project which is not that much important in total volume of production of company appears, but it may be an interesting by its construction and design challenge for our engineers.

Such an object was built in August 2010 for the newly refurbished Rondo Arena in Brno. The new ticket office was located in the main entrance to the area and its four terminals will be used to sell tickets to sport and culture events. Online terminals are connected to the main server, operators have immediate access to online information about sales and visitors are handled faster, which eliminates long queues, especially when selling tickets to ice hockey matches of Kometa Brno.

Ticket office is designed as a polygonal steel frame, cladded by plasterboards from inside, from outside by aluminum plates of 2 mm, shaped into cassettes. Around the building is a continuous stainless steel counter. Windows are aluminum frames with safety glass and sliding bottom part, which opens the window to handle visitors. The roof is designed as a folded with inclination to four integrated drain tubes, taking out rain water freely to the pavement.

Even though it was not a multiple serial production, our staff proved their design abilities and craftsmanship with manufacture and assembly of this original piece.

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