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Mission Greenland started!

In October 2012 Fagus started activities in Greenland by construction of shop with storage in Niaqornat on the west coast of Greenland in Baffin Bay. Niaqornat is the original village, which has about 50 houses. The inhabitants live off of fish that are processed and delivered to stores both in Greenland and in Europe and America.

 The building was designed for demanding climatic conditions, with additional insulation under the wooden facade of norwegian spruce. This pilot building was tasked to examine all parts of the project, starting with communication with designers and architects in Greenland, despite demanding shipping to the construction site and to assembly in ten degree frosts. Individual modules were delivered to Niaqornat without damage one month after despatch from production line. Modules were then transported with a forklift to pre-built foundations, which would be difficult in normal conditions with modified arrival to the site, but locals managed everything without any problems and with a smile, which never left these friendly natives.

Construction including saddle roof was completed in 40 days. The inauguration ceremony was attended by local residents, representatives of retail network for which we have built this shop and members of government offices. Slit of tape was provided by oldest resident of Niaqornat, who also remembered time in more than 80 years ago, when he as a small boy with his father was fishing on the sea to secure food for his family. Now everything is available at the store in a sufficient amounts and wide range.

Fagus demonstrated its abilities in managing constructions in difficult conditions of Greenland and will continue with other buildings throughout the West Coast in following years.

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