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Compressor station

Fagus became a supplier of modular system for compressor station that Indonesian investor would like to realize around the world for mining of hydrate of methane. The first project is implemented on offshore platform in Baku in Azerbaijan.

Hydrate of methane, which is found in all shallow seas, becomes a huge potential of natural resources for coastal countries, which so far had to import natural gas. It's a chance especially for European countries to support economic growth and reduce the influence of Russia and the Middle East with supply of this cheaper energy . Sea mining would also be more palatable to Europeans than drilling and letting chemicals into shale "next door".

Fagus, in cooperation with other supplier companies, participated in designing and development of a compressor station. The first station was completely assembled, tested and again dismantled before being transported to the construction site. The actual final assembly will take place in June 2013 and Fagus will sent assembly group to the place . We believe this modular concept will be successfully used worldwide, and bring our company a lot of interesting realizations.

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