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Student homes in Alesund, Norway

Aalesund University College (www.hials.no) won of financial resources in the last year to build new accommodation facilities for students. Our company has won a tender to supply five blocks for approximately 90 students and young families with children.

This structure is unique in many ways: we used the 3.4 wide modules with a length of less than 7 m, to be able to built up each individual room including bathroom in the finished state already in our production plant, we have prepared combined central hot-water heating with electric floor heating, all water piping was realized in the implementation of the protection against water leakage inside walls, outside façade we designed in combination ALU cassettes and Nordic spruce and all terraces and stairs we covered with concrete tiles.

This intensive project requested a few months of intensive preparation and planning of all activities. The construction itself lasted about 2.5 months. From August 2011, student homes has already fully served students of the University.

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