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Ventilated insulated facade can be also used for container construction

Swiss company with more than hundred years of tradition, which deals with recycling of materials, is currently expanding its operation to the second recycling center. FAGUS along with its Swiss partner won a contract to built office building that serves as a logistics center and is also used as a transport weighing facility

Meeting customer requirements with regard to purpose of the building meant application of special materials and their combination which was difficult in terms of technology implementation, coordination, assembly, with focus on project costs. 

Special windows and doors with excellent thermal-insulation qualities were installed, which is very important for this type of building. The most interesting parts of building are sliding windows, with sliding parts placed in various heights that documents can be handed over to vehicles with different height of driver windows. Another non typical solution was application of facade system with CEMBONIT boards with additional insulation and integrated drainage tubes inside facade. 

Shortly after deal customer has shown interest in building another shed, serving as changing area for workers, which is being implemented nowadays. We hope that customer will be satisfied with our products and will ask us whenever they need more containers from Fagus.

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