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Georadis Brno

Project development office Uniport from Brno challenged us with an offer to build a modern administrative and operational headquarters of Georadis a.s., whose core programme is solution for instruments for the detection of ionizing radiation determining its resources and intensity.

Many of nearly thirty instruments, which company proposed for companies in Canada, USA and Czech Republic, some of which have become global standards, belongs to pride of their workers.

For implementation of the project have designers invited also Prague architectural Studio Acht which has extensive experience with buildings not only in Czech Republic, but also in Netherlands, where the studio has also its branch office. The concept of the building corresponds to the investor's focus-industrial style with modern design. Design of steel frame was maintained, roundness of bended edges from outside was replaced by sharp angles, joints of welded profiles were glued and grinded, so horizontal and vertical lines of the frames keep impression as if they were from one single piece of iron. Wall openings consist of aluminium windows with fixed glazing, combined with wooden open/till parts. Internal staircase is unique proposal of architects from Studio Acht and is made from bended steel plates welded together, with walk-on layer of dot rubber flooring.

Prominent design element of the whole solution is airborne communication space in 1nd floor, where each rooms, which encircle center technical block, are separated by glass walls. This solution optically increases internal space and at the same time ensures necessary allocation of individual work space. 

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