[ FAGUS a.s. ]

Acommodation facility for employees of leisure resort behind polar cicle

Norway – beautiful countryside, fishing, pleasant people. Such imagination would hit our minds when talking about this country. And to north of Norway, to untouched land, many people head for unforgetable experiance during their travels every year.

In this landscape also marks of Fagus has been left. In July 2008, behind polar circle in Hamn at the edge of Norwegian Sea , we built accomodation facility for employees of leisure resort. Place is aboul 3000 km away from Slusovice which appeared to be a challenge not only for transport company Solotrans, but also for our assembly crew who had to show many times during costruction their skills and experience.

Assembly in such a climate conditions and long distance from home production site checked our capability to solve problems occuring during construction works. Many thanks specially to our assembly crew who did perfect job. It si necessary to mention also great cooperation and activities coordination with our Norwegian business partner ScanModul, that works with Fagus on local market for a long time.

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