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High school from prefab modules for almost 2 000 students

After almost two years of negotiations management of Werner-Heisenberg-gymnasium approved on Friday, March 23rd, 2010 new building of high school in Garching, Germany.

This project has included removal of the the old (no longer relevant) buildings, setting up of new temporary modular arrangement and construction of brand new solid building. Our company was involved in this project with production, delivery and assembly of 472 prefab modules, which has meant the largest project in previous history of Fagus regarding amount of modules.

External dimensions of building are fascinating - total length of 150 metres and four blocks with length of 50 metres. Between those blocks there are grass and asphalt areas where students can spent their breaktimes between school lectures.

70 classes and laboratories that meet all requirements for study at the secondary schools, as well as adequate sanitary facilities and escape routes, are located in the area of approx. 8 134 m2.

How you can see from pictures, just even foundation preparation and setting up was something special for our assembly teams, and also for local people, who had to sacrifice their parking spots due to necessity to build bus stop, so students could commute safely to school.

Regarding the time of building up - approximately 5 months from order confirmation to entry of first students – standard building would not be possible to finish in such time scale. This project checked all production, assembly and logistics capabalities and capacities of FAGUS.

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