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BRK nursary Nautilus

Two-storey school building offers two classes of nursery, three classes of kindergarten and one class of school care - a place for a total of 124 children. Choice of the position of building was very important with regard to infrastructure that would be able to accommodate increase of traffic during 2 hours in the morning and in the afternoon. There is a parking area at Lidl and Rewe supermarkets, biking routes and sidewalks, so parents have several options for picking up children, so that traffic will not collapse (read more http://olching.de/index.php?id = 5958.1).

Nursery was handed over to the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK), with financial participation of city of Olching (read more http://www.brk-ffb.de/meldungen/2013/traegerschaftsvertrag-kinderhaus-olching.html).

Our company supplied prefabricated modular construction, including facade and roof construction, on a turnkey basis, except furniture, data installation and phone lines supplied by specialized companies. Due to lack of space in the backyard, building has plenty of roofed walkways that serve as a kind of "alternative playground", which can be used by children hen raining.

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