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Administration building in Hamburg

At the end of August 2013, we successfully handed over office building,built on the coast of Nord. Due to climatic conditions in this part of Germany, we had to use construction very specific materials for construction. Prefabricated modules meet requirements for wind load in class IV, ie Windklasse IV, and of course, there is also resistance to salt water, so special coatings and materials were used on this building.

The façade, windows and glazing answered all requirements as well. Only glass thickness was 40 mm! As protection against sunlight natural insulation in combination with a reflective coating applied to the glass has been used. Dominant feature of this building is fully glazed atrium.

Building also has a complete solution of protection against burglary, using motion sensors and detectors of glass breakage. This office complex is divided into several blocks, and each block has its own circuit for entry control.

The total construction area of 2.500 m2 was delivered on a turnkey basis including foundations, utilities, distribution systems for data networks, security systems and furniture, in just two months.

Given that customer has requested to occupy and use certain rooms already during assembly, Fagus preferably completed soom rooms immediately after the start of installation, according to their wishes.

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