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How to keep the facilities for university students in Dutch cities?

So with this question wondered many a university center in the country of tulips, cheese and "Warriors of the Sea" ... Cities such as Amsterdam, Delft, Zwolle, Groningen, Den Haag wants to maintain comfort available to students at any price, and it is not possible without good quality accomodation service. There is a huge problem to find this kind of accomodation specially in city centre of bigger cities , and solution is available only for wealthy students.

Local authorities have therefore decided for a radical solution - to build a university college from "scratch". Such cooperation with Fagus has began in 2003 with starting project of 102 pcs of accommodation units for Technische Universiteit Delft (www.tudelft.nl).

Following projects:

year 2004 - 48 accommodation units in Zwolle - built on the water - concrete pontoon!

Year 2005 - 250 units of accommodation in Amsterdam

Year 2006 - 220 units of accommodation in Amsterdam

Year 2007 - 120 accommodation units in Groningen

Year 2008 - 210 accommodation units in Groningen

Currently, the manufacture 256 units of accommodation in Den Haag the size of individual accommodation units 7500x3600mm.

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