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• 24. 4. 2013 •

24.4.2013 was published in internet portal TZB-info an artical about construction in Greenland, built by our company.

Roofing Lindab from Prague in Greenland

Ing. Peter Pleyer, lightweight construction techniques Lindab

In the fall 2012, Lindab provided its his, as far as distance concerned, longest building contract. System of pitched roof with a roofing Roof Lindab 15 was applied on prefab modular building of Fagus serving as a retail store with storage area in Niaqornat, Greenland. Entire building was assembled from system of prefab modules of size 6058x2438 mm, arranged in three rows of five modules. Newly gabled Lindab roof has overall plan dimensions 19.83 x 13.07 m and inclination of 20 °. The supporting structure is made of thin-walled Z, C and U profiles Lindab, corrugated roofing sheets Lindab LTP45 / 0.5, Lindab piping and roofing of planar sheets .

Niaqornat in Greenland is small settlement consisting of 50 houses, and here was realised construction cooler boxes and cabinets in retail section. This construction for private investor was built by Fagus, which also mounted roof Lindab on their modular system.

Space of shop is cca 230 m2 and consists of a total of 15 pcs of prefab modules with dimensions of 6058x2438 mm. Entire assembly of construction lasted from arrival of all modules and material 40 days in total.

Lindab was approached on the basis of experience with implementations in areas with extremely harsh climatic conditions, such as on this island placed at the boundary of Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, northeast of Canada. Due to increased demands on transport materials, individual parts were not allowed to exceed length of 5.5 meters, which was maximum size for placements of all pieces of construction directly into prefab modules, where it was transported by boat to Greenland. Some of elements that had to be cut down and screwed again with coupling on the site. Entire roof structure including roofing, cladding and lining were then transported comfortably inside two modules.

Snow load of this Lindab roof system was proposed for 200 kg/m2 and wind speed up to 40 m / s. Purlin spacing 1280 mm were profiles Lindab Z200 anchored to the supporting modular frame profiles using Lindab C100 through U100 feet. Supporting system was supplemented by a number of transverse and longitudinal bracing for transfer of pushing and pulling forces of wind.

As a roofing was proposed durable trapezoidal sheet Lindab LTP45 Classic top finish. Beading shields, crests and ledges in eaves were made from flat sheets Lindab. Trim elements were pre-assembled at the factory Lindab in Prague, which saved lot of time during assembly on site.

Lindab supplied in addition to materials of construction and roofing and fasteners also detailed assembly drawings with details of anchorage of the structure. Thanks to this, roof system LindabRoof was installed without problems and new building can just seamlessly serveto residents of this beautiful, but harsh climate area.

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