Quality management

We attract our customers by our professional approach and all our activities are orientated to fullfil of customer’s expectations. In 2003 we obtained ISO 9001 certificate to further improvement of this process.

We focus on the customer
customer knows our strength, quality, class, corresponding price
permanent product quality is more important to us than the short-term  
increase of  turnover
compared to our competitors  we occupy a leading position in the market
we are only satisfied  when the customers keep coming back to us 
we operate in all European countries
we continually increase our customer appeal by permanently extending our 
production program

We focus on our employees

we are obliged to continue in the tradition that welds us together
our staff is chosen according to professional and human qualities, 
such as expertise, honesty, team work ability,  integrity
our staff are a leading executive power in the company in terms of 
new technologies and further development . We invest in their training and education.
we communicate with each other and believe in an open information policy. 
This is made possible  by a simple and flexible organization  
goals are defined and decisions made, with the participation of  the responsible  staff

We focus on the process 
fixed rules, order and dynamic decisions are our priorities
all processes are defined, described and regularly audited
all employees work continuously  on an optimizing  
processes, they share responsibility and are competent.