Technical description



Composition of floor and wall

  1. Insulated horizontal rain water outlet 
  2. Exterior coating according requirements
  3. Interior cladding  Fermacell plate with wallpaper or laminated chipboard
  4. Wall panels from galvanized sheet metal with mineral wool insulation and moist stopper
  5. Vinyl, linoleum, carpet, ceramic tiles or wooden boards flooring
  6. Cement board CTD, thickness 22 mm
  7. Moist stopper
  8. Mineral wool insulation, thickness 80 to 120 mm
  9. Insulated “omega” steel profile
  10. Moulded galvanized sheet metal plates



Composition of roof:

  1. Bended ISO cube
  2. Rain water gutters, insulated by polystyrene 20 mm
  3. Galvanized  sheet metal
  4. Mineral wool insulation, eliminating cold bridges
  5.  U-profile, covered by moist stopper



Construction of frame:

Frame of container is self-contained steel construction, welded from blended, rolled and drawn steel sheet metals.Frame is five times stackable. Primer coating is anticorrosive. We can also make container from galvanized sheet metal for extreme weather conditions. 




Colour design:

Container is painted by two-pack top coat paints in various colours according to RAL code. Thickness can by modify for higher resistance to trampling up to 350 μm. Colours can be combined according architectural proposals.


Exterior doors:

They are usually made from wood and sheet metal. Door panel can be equipped with  insulated double  glass,  U value = 1.1 Wm-2K-1. This value is same like 30 cm thick brick-wall.



Windows are PVC, ALU or wooden. Glazing is  insulated double window glass with U value = 1.1 Wm-2K-1. Windows can be supplied 
with outside rollos with secure lock system or interior AL jaloussetes. Window frame can be executed in various colours.