Our technology

90 % of our module construction consists of industrially prefabricated quality elements. Systematic serial production is in heated halls, makes it possible to build high quality buildings independent of negative weather conditions.

We follow the example of the conventional steel constructers and standardise our processes where possible. The information concerning  insulation, construction, types of windows, etc. is provided at an early stage of planning. This means, that our customers can have a large say in the detail planning of their building 

Standard working procedures and quality controls assure the permanent, high quality of our system.

We are able to change the given ground plan according to current customer requests in a very short time. No walls have a load bearing function, and can therefore be easily removed or relocated. For example a lecture room can be made out of two or more single offices almost at once.

And what if there is not enough space? No problem – the building can be extended at any time and/or a new floor built on top.

Water, heating and electric installations are already pre-installed, which adds to the module efficiency. On site, the modules and the technical facilities are simply connected together.

Also the internal water, heating, and electric distributions contribute to effectiveness of the construction, because they are directly installed in separate modules and there is only the necessity of their connection.

Modules can be used not only for building new objects but also for  expansions, integration (e.g. in the halls) or  as an additional floor on already existing objects. We can comply to the look and material of existing facades. By installing the same types of windows and doors a quality link between old and new can be achieved. A module system can also be combined with conventional constructions.

In cases where a concrete base construction is required  e.g. cellars, garages, etc.,  our module system can be  simply added on top. The freedom to modify ground plans, independent of wall positions, gives you every possibility for a multi-functional use.. Almost all of your   wishes and requests can be fulfilled in any type of the building, including  administration buildings,  schools, kindergartens,  banks or even in  residential housing.

New objects can be built up to five- floors. Individual modules can be assembled side by side or one after another. The arbitrary  module sizes enable individual  solutions. In this way problematic premises can be ideally used. The combination of  extremely economical modules with a minimum of on site construction provides the freedom to develop and implement an individual architecture.

Facades can consist of standard lacquered galvanized trapezoid steel panels , plaster on a cement/wood board  or any other and colour of flooring, inner lining of walls and ceilings completely depends on your imagination.

Computer planning supports the implementation of your requests whereby every part is  individually planned and is not  obstructed by standard lengths and widths. A static calculation for the steel frame is made for every project  and, at this point, it is possible to cater for your possible request for an extention or addition of a further storey in the future. . Thanks to the excellent co-operation between structural planners and top quality architects, we are able to deliver the complete documentation required to obtain planning permission. This includes  insulation and fire resistance certificates according to valid norms.